London Weekend Breaks - Spamalot


Not all shows are suitable for London Weekend Breaks when the group of people are of different ages and genders, for example, but Eric Idle's Spamalot, strangely perhaps, seems to appeal to all. There are plenty of nostalgic moments for long term hard core Monty Python fans but then there's lots here even for people who've never seen The Flying Circus in its hey day. Spamalot is the most popular show on in the West End of London at the moment and the best way to see it is probably to book a London Weekend Breaks package from here. Ideally come to London by train and book a hotel in the Charing Cross/ Covent Garden area, because some of the deals even include a pre-theatre dinner. Spamalot the theatre show is very loosely based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail and that in turn is even more loosely based on the stories of King Arthur and Camelot. The name Spamalot comes from one of the lines in a song: "we eat ham, and jam and Spam a lot." which, just in case you hadn't noticed, rhymes with Camelot. In the show this leads to a lot of nonsense with giant tins of, of course, Spam. It's a mad, anarchic night out with some wonderful Pythonesque moments. The music is no joke though and, true to the spirit of the Pythons, always has high production values. There are some great set pieces, as you can see from this video:


Some of the songs have been shamelessly lifted, sorry, re-purposed, from other Python favourites so we even get to "Always Look on the Bright Side"......

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Funny, spectacular, with great music it has to be one of the best nights out on on offer in London at the moment. How can I put this tactfully? It will be a lot easier to get most blokes to go and see Spamalot than almost any other West End musical unless you don't mind them oggling Denise Van Outen!

As ever with West End musicals, it's best to book a train, (nearby) hotel and theatre ticket package. You are guaranteed the best seats and there are usually good savings on the train and hotel as part of an overall  London Weekend Breaks deal.